Author: Sara

Email: cyn10@juno.com

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy/Angelus fucking...not much more to say :-P

Disclaimer: They belong to Joss...sniff, sniff.

Notes: Uummm...PWP...that's about it.

Notes2: The title pretty much bites (and not in a good way)...any other ideas?

Dedication: For Lex...'cause she needed to feel the love :-}



Buffy stomped into her room, throwing her backpack across the room. She stalked over to her bed and began throwing the clothes that covered it onto the floor.

"Problems, Lover?"

"Where did you come from and just what the fuck are you doing here?" she snarled, looking over at Angelus. "And didn't I uninvite you again?" she scowled, raising an eyebrow in his direction.

"Got invited back...and we'll talk about _that_ later." he said, slowly advancing towards her. "What has you so worked up, lover? Should I be jealous?"

Buffy sneered at him. "My mother," she spat out, "is gone again! She promised that we could--"


"Excuse me?"

"Now you can scream." he finished, having backed her up against the wall.

"I am not in the mood for your shit, Angelus!" She ducked under his arm, intending to storm across the room.

Angelus spun around, grabbing her arm and yanking her back against him. He spun her so that her back was to him and pulled her tight, pressing his hardening cock against her. He ran his hands up her body, tearing her shirt off of her body and growling his pleasure when he saw that she wasn't wearing a bra. He grasped her breasts roughly, rolling and pinching the nipples with his fingers as he lowered his head and whispered into her ear...

"Yes, you are. I could smell you before you even walked into your room. Who has you so worked up, lover?"

"No one!" she managed to gasp out, reaching her hands behind her and grasping his leather clad ass in her hands, rubbing back against him. Buffy moaned as Angelus unzipped her pants, thrusting a hand under the waistband of her panties.

"Who has you so hot and wet, Buffy...you're practically dripping with lust." he said, plunging two fingers deep inside her.

Buffy felt her knees buckle as she sagged back against Angelus, still gripping his ass tightly.

Angelus chuckled harshly, lowering his mouth to her neck and scraping the skin with his fangs. "Tell me, Buffy." he said, continuing to drive his fingers into her and stroking her hard clit with his thumb. "Tell me who has you panting my name."

"On patrol..." she moaned, thrusting her hips up against his hand. "...dusted five vamp's...now...I just...wanna fuck!"

"Good answer." he murmured. "It's actually," he whispered, adding a third finger, "the only other right one.

Buffy shuddered as she felt his fingers pushing deep inside her. She wound her arms around his neck, lifting her breasts higher as she began to shake against him.

"Angelus!" she yelled out, biting her lip as an orgasm swiftly rushed through her body.

He pulled his fingers out of her, quickly kneeling behind her and yanking her pants and panties down her legs. Angelus stood back up and pushed her forward so that she fell face first onto her bed and pulled her clothes the rest of the way off. He quickly stripped off his own clothes and joined her on the bed.

"Up, lover." he commanded, smacking her hard on the ass.

"Fuck you."

"Ah...you certainly do make life more interesting." he smirked. He grasped her legs and thrust them apart, running his hands roughly up the backs of her legs before grasping her hips and pulling her up to her knees. He moved into position behind her and began to tease her aching slit with his cock.

Angelus reached one hand under her and began to flick her clit with his fingers. "Buffy," he said, slowly thrusting his cock inside her. "Patrol? I don't...think so..." he said, gritting his teeth as he felt her clenching her walls around him. "It never makes you...this hot...this ready." he bit out, slowly withdrawing from her.

He brought his hand back around so that he could grip her ass tightly in both hands and he began to thrust deeply into her tight wetness again. "No...fair...squeezing." he groaned as he felt her contract her muscles around him once more.

Buffy moaned into her pillow as she felt him begin to enter her again. She thrust her hands underneath her body and began to stroke her breasts.

She rolled her nipples in between her fingertips, thrusting her hips back against Angelus' as he plunged inside her, trying to get him to go faster.

"Stop that!" Angelus hissed at her, grabbing her hands and placing them on the headboard in front of her. He slapped her hard on the ass. "You want it harder? Just tell me...the truth."

Buffy whimpered, trying to draw out the game even longer and failing. "You...it was you!" she moaned as he slid into her, pausing.

"Go on." he breathed, running his hands along her back as he remained motionless inside her.

"Mom left...a note" Buffy moaned, holding on tightly to the headboard in an effort not to move. "...said my tutor...stopped by and...and that he'd be back. I...I got wet immediately." she finished, losing the battle and pushing back hard against him.

Angelus stared down at her body for a moment, eyes narrowing. "You're asking for it big time, little girl. You were playing a game with me earlier, weren't you?" he asked, beginning to plunge harder and faster into her body.

"Yes...oh, fuck yes!" she cried out, feeling his cock slam into her as she ground her hips back against him, meeting every thrust almost violently. "Fuck me...fuck me hard!" she moaned, knowing she was about to come again.

Angelus threw his head back and roared his pleasure before lunging forward and sinking his teeth into her neck, exploding deep inside her.

Buffy screamed as she felt him enter her neck, her orgasm slamming through her immediately. Her legs trembled under her, threatening to give out as Angelus lay across her back.

Angelus continued to draw her blood into his mouth as he slowly lowered them both to the bed. He lay on top of her, still in between her legs as he pulled his fangs from her neck. He rested his forehead against her back before speaking.

"Move in with me?" he asked. "We can do this all the time."

Buffy turned her head to the side and grinned. "Stop asking me that! You already know what my answer is. You're not gonna change my mind."

He growled softly at her. "I can try."

"Yeah," she tilted her head back and smiled lustfully at him, wiggling her hips against his already hardening cock. "You can most certainly try."