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SYNOPSIS: Angelus said previously that they'd talk about him getting uninvited later...it's later.

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NOTES: This is a sequel to Feeling the...Love?



Buffy frowned as she strode quickly across the newest cemetery in town. This was not turning out to be a productive night. She was the Slayer and that meant she was supposed to be out slaying things, not just taking walks at two in the morning. Giles was alternating from being happy that nothing had happened in the past few days and being extremely worried about the same fact. She sighed and leaned back against a tombstone, wishing that she wasn't alone on patrol. "This would go faster if I had someone to talk to." she muttered.

Then, everything went dark.


"Hello, lover."

"Oh my god...are we playing this game again? 'Cause I really do need to get home so mom doesn't worry."

"She's out of town."

"And you know this how?"

"Giles told me."

"HA!" Buffy said, starting to laugh. "There's no way...what'd you do, overhear him on the phone?"

"Shut up. Now, we're here tonight to learn a very important lesson."

"What would that be?" Buffy asked dryly. "How to hide your personal phone conversations from a vampire? And what the hell did you hit me with?"

"Buffy, Buffy, Buffy... How do you like the room?"

Buffy stared up at him for a moment, then rolled her eyes. "I've seen it before. Why am I here, and why," she asked, tugging at the chains that held her arms above her head, centering her in the middle of the giant bed, "am I in these again?"

"You could at least thank me for lining them this time."

"Thanks, now let me--."

"This is quite a nice room, Buffy. You should really look around...while you can."

Buffy snickered. "While I can? Why, because you're going to blindfold me? Like I said, I've been here before...we've played here before. You live here. Are you sure no one hit *you* over the head? Now, let me go, Angelus." she said, trying to ignore her growing arousal. "We both know you're not going to hurt me."

"Really?" Angelus said, casually leaning back against the stone wall, crossing his arms while he stared at her.

Buffy shot him an evil glare. "Let me the fu--"

"Buffy. You fucked up last week. Now, you're going to apologize and promise you'll never do it again."

A confused expression crossed her face before she spoke up. "Um...you're really going to have to give me some kind of clue here."

Angelus pushed away from the wall, stalking over to the bed with an amused smirk. He sat next to her and slowly ran one hand down her body, the other coming to rest on her other side as she arched into his touch. "Do you like the sheets?" he murmured, his eyes darkening as he stroked her face. "I bought them for you. I enjoy watching your body move on green satin...dark green satin. It makes your body shimmer..." he swallowed hard, moving over her body so that he knelt on all fours, spreading her legs wide with his knees.

"Is that my clue? And...uh...I think I prefer cotton." she said, running one foot up the back of his leg, trying to pull him even closer.

"Really." he said, slipping into his true face as he leaned down, caressing the side of her neck with his mouth. "Why is that?"

Buffy shuddered, moaning as she felt first his teeth lightly nick her, then his tongue lapping up the small amount of blood that spilled from the wound. She went to grab his head, intending to hold him to her but found her wrists still chained.

He chuckled at her. "Don't even ask. Now, answer my question."

"Cotton is more...secure. Last time...on satin sheets...you fucked me right off the bed." Buffy tugged at the chains, sending a cautious glance to the headboard behind her. "I'm not in the mood to break my neck."

"Neither am I. Don't worry, I'll hold you tight."

Buffy cast another glance to the chains and headboard. "If I *were* to move in with you, could I chain you up next time?"

"No." Angelus said, his cock thrusting involuntarily against her thigh.

"Uh, huh. I felt that."

Angelus growled down at her. "I'll give you something to feel." He ran a fingertip lightly over one breast, skipping her nipple. Angelus repeated the movement on her other breast, this time starting a set of large figure eights that encompassed both nipples, always just circling them and never touching. "I know how sensitive you are, your body is practically begging for my touch. You're dripping wet for me, I can feel your heat against my thighs." He moved from between her legs and lay down on his side next to her, propping himself up on one elbow.

He traced the dusky area around the nipple closest to him, watching it pebble before moving on to the other. "They are so aware right now...I barely have to touch them and they're aching for me. Angelus lowered his head taking one nipple into his mouth, gently sucking while he began to roll the other with the tips of his fingers.

Buffy moaned, arching her back and thrusting her breasts upwards. She brought her knees up, tightening her thigh muscles as she concentrated solely on the feelings of his mouth and fingers on her body. "Ahhhh!" she cried out, feeling him pierce her flesh, his suckling taking on new vibrant sensations as he drank from her.

Angelus raised his head after a moment, licking the blood from his lips as he watched her move. He ran a hand slowly down her body, dipping into the moist curls below her waist. The vampire stared, watching his fingers disappear into her as she thrust her hips up, trying to bring more of him into her as her orgasm approached, burning him with her heat.

He moved his hand and swung one leg over between her thighs and watched in amusement as she immediately latched on to it, gripping it tightly. Angelus angled his leg slightly as she began to move, rubbing her clit against him, eager to come. He quickly pulled back and sat up before she had a chance to reach her peak.

"No, no Buffy. You don't get to come yet...you haven't even apologized, much less promised me anything." He bent down, kissing her hard before straightening back up and moving fully in between her legs. Angelus placed his hard cock just barely inside her, only enough to tease and titillate them both.

"I don't...know...what...I did..." she panted, straining against the restraints as she felt him stop moving, holding her hips tightly in place so she couldn't move either.

"You," he started, licking his way up her neck, "uninvited me. You really shouldn't have done that." he whispered, slowing sliding inside her wet heat, fully sheathing himself with one thrust of his hips.

Buffy groaned, feeling him plunge deeply inside her. "You deserved it." she gasped out as he started to move, pulling almost entirely out before sinking back into her welcoming body.

Angelus chuckled darkly. "Maybe so, but if you want to come," he said, "you'll tell me what I want to hear."

"Big, bad vampire." she said, "You think that...oh...oh, yeah...just like that..." she moaned, feeling his slick fingers run across her aching clit. Buffy gave herself up to the pleasure rushing through her body, expecting to come any second.

Angelus stopped moving and let her use his body, her thighs grasping his hips tightly as she thrust up against him. He brushed against her clit again, watching her face carefully before holding her still once more. "Tell me." he said, gritting his teeth as she clenched her inner walls around him in an effort to get him to move.

Buffy whimpered, feeling his fingers hovering over her clit. "...um...I'm sorry...and...and I promise!" she shrieked, exploding as he pressed hard against her clit and thrust hard at her words.

He braced one hand against the headboard and grabbed her hip with the other. Angelus lowered his mouth onto Buffy's as he began to slam into her body. Buffy hooked her legs around his waist and thrust her tongue inside his mouth, navigating around his fangs in order to play as she gradually came down from her orgasm. She pulled back from his tongue, smirking against his mouth before curling her tongue around fang and stroking up and down. Angelus growled deep in his chest, coming hard as she deliberately cut her tongue open, the clenching of her vaginal muscles around his throbbing cock along with her hot rich blood enough to send him crashing over the edge.

He continued kissing her, sipping the blood from her mouth as she healed.

Angelus pressed a final kiss against her lips before speaking. "You aren't sorry and I saw you crossing your fingers. You just wanted to come."

"Well...duh." Buffy answered, giggling up at him. "You so deserved my revoking your invite! And, if this is my punishment, you can damn well believe I'll do it again."

Angelus just shook his head at her. "Next time," he said, running a hand along her leg and grasping her ankle. "I'll do these as well...and I'll put you on your stomach."

Buffy stared up at him her breathing changing slightly. "Can I use the phone?"


"I need to call Willow...have her do a spell...right now."